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We are all brothers and sisters.
Being African is a all about family.


Where home is, there is family.


New, culture, new language, new people. AFRISA supports all members with their needs.


AFRISA stands for African International Students Association. As it is founded, AFRISA is the home of all who share the love for humanity and for Africa. We aim to share our ideas, seek to develop partnerships, events and further. Most important is, to value opportunities to connect with different people and form a unity. Speaking of unity AFRISA has the intention to appreciate diversity in Unity and aims to reach all African students and other International students who aim to learn and enrich their knowledge by learning from a different culture.
Understanding African values and being part of an African community are considered to be irrespective of skin color. 
Be part of this big familiy

The Board 20/21

Afrisa's third Board
Julius Mbaziira

Julius Mbaziira


PDEng., ET., UT. Ugandan

Laulinda A. Massunda

Laulinda A. Massunda


Communication Science
German (origin in Angola/Congo)

Eunice Adom

Eunice Adom


Land Administration(M-GEO). Ghanaian

Kisanet Haile Molla

Kisanet Haile Molla

Public Relations

Civil Engineer. Ethiopian

Akintunde Akinyoade

Akintunde Akinyoade

Activity Manager

Chemical Engineering. Nigerian/Sierra Leonean

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