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Adedayo Ladapo

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My name is Adedayo Ladapo from Nigeria. I joined AFRISA association to be a part of a community where my ideas could be shared and translated with like-minded individuals to bring all African students together. In doing this, the hope was to promote socio-cultural diversity, establish an African student union, stimulate stronger cultural ties amongst AFRISA and other student organizations, stimulate a better understanding and ties within the Dutch community, and educate students about Africa’s culture, history, economy and political structures to help students have a better university experience. With the help of other esteemed board members at AFRISA, we acted as a liaison between the African Students Association and other campus organizations.
In a nut shell, we planned events together, socialized, hosted workshops and volunteered. And during this time, I learnt a lot about working more with people.
I served as the secretary of AFRISA. I helped in planning and facilitating weekly general meetings and assisted in creating and keeping records of all executive board meetings.