KVK nummer: 76663612

Adedayo Ladapo

My name is Adedayo Ladapo from Nigeria. I joined AFRISA association to be a part of a community where my ideas could be shared and translated with like-minded individuals to bring all African students together. In doing this, the hope was to promote socio-cultural diversity, establish an African student union, stimulate stronger cultural ties amongst AFRISA and other student organizations, stimulate a better understanding and ties within the Dutch community, and educate students about Africa’s culture, history, economy and political structures to help students have a better university experience. With the help of other esteemed board members at AFRISA, we acted as a liaison between the African Students Association and other campus organizations.
In a nut shell, we planned events together, socialized, hosted workshops and volunteered. And during this time, I learnt a lot about working more with people.
I served as the secretary of AFRISA. I helped in planning and facilitating weekly general meetings and assisted in creating and keeping records of all executive board meetings.

Amanda Amazu

Being born and raised in Germany as a child of a german mother and an nigerian father, I carry deep appreciation for both cultures in my heart. AFRISA enabled me to experience an environment of unconditional acceptance within an incredibly diverse family, where I the first time in my life was able to feel a sense of belonging and where I was able to embrace my African identity. For this reason, I am honoured to be part of the board where I can contribute to the advancement of our association and create an environment in which everyone who wants to learn more about Africa and shares the vision of seeing this beautiful continent flourish, is valued and welcome!

Yvan Ndeh

Hi, I’m Yvan, a second-year Electrical Engineering student. I’m the treasurer of AFRISA. Through this responsibility, I try to make sure there’s an available budget for all the events planned throughout the year, and I also encourage students to develop themselves through various committees.

Laulinda Massunda

Ola I’m Laulinda, a pleasure to meet you. For me, there is nothing more beautiful and meaningful than connecting with people and get people connected. Growing up in a European environment but raised under African values I learned one essential thing You don’t need to be at home to feel at home. Home is a feeling of belonging.